Today Is Mine

by Whiskey Wednesday

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About finding the beauty of life while the sun is up and your mind is altered.


Banjo on my back, I only travel on a bike
Ever since you left my side I ain't paid you no mind
I ain't gonna let you get me down, there's a whole lot of women in this town
And let me tell you all, today is mine

Because the sun is beaming down, and my mood is picking up
Put a smile on your face my friend, it's half full in the liquor cup
And some say that it's a shame, but fuck am I so glad
Because today is mine, today is mine my friend

A wise man, he once told me that no victor believes in chance,
And the more you smile into the abyss, the more the abyss smiles back
I've been to the bottom, and I've climbed the peaks
Overcome myself and the sad and weak
And let me tell you all today is mine


Drops of color make the sunshine pour out of the sky
Shows me the positivity when I open up my eyes
The worlds so bright, the air's so dry,
I want to laugh until I cry
Because lemme tell you all today is mine


Oh yeah, today is mine, today is mine my friend
Oh yeah, today is mine, today is mine my friend


Lyrics, music, banjo, vocals: Jackalope Slim
Guitar: Forrest Long
Washboard: Phoenix Godwin




Whiskey Wednesday Savannah, Georgia

Rising from the ashes of what you never knew as the Searsucker Jackalopes, Whiskey Wednesday is a combination of Jackalope Slim on banjo, and Forrest Long on guitar, accompanied by an ever changing collection of other fine percussionists and songwriters. We play music thats fun to drink heavily and dance to. ... more

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